Scheduling Posts: Hootsuite vs. Buffer

Comparing two great social media managing tools so you can get straight to it!

Accounts set up? Check.

Customised your page? Check.

Content? Ahhh…

When it comes to managing your business’ social media, these make the job a whole lot easier. Hootsuite and Buffer are two great tools for planning your posts to social media, and posting them for you. Though both platforms offer other excellent features (many included in their paid plans), we’ll be comparing them solely on their function of planning and scheduling posts.

What do they both do?

Both tools enable users to write posts, set a time and leave it to post when and where. Your accounts can be accessed via desktop, but they also offer apps for smart phones, so you can manage posts on the go.

PlatformsplatformsBoth offer Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, with a new feature allowing those with one to post to their LinkedIn business page.

However, Hootsuite go the extra mile offering WordPress within their free scheme ( users). This allows users to schedule entire articles and leave them to Hootsuite to publish.

Schedulingscheduling.pngArguably the best feature! Both offer the option to post to multiple platforms simultaneously and use analytics to work the most successful times. This allows you to get the most impressions and results from your posts.

Buffer however automatically set scheduled post times to successful times based on past tweets, particularly useful if you haven’t found the time to analyse your current performance. The post times are also by minute, whereas Hootsuite only allows you to line up posts per five-minute intervals. So, if you want posts scheduled by the minute Buffer’s your guy.

Media and Linksmedia and links.pngWhilst both offer the ability to attach media, Buffer flips images to a horizontal view. A small issue, but these can play a part in the long term which can affect performance and therefore reliability.

It’s important to remember that both social media tools have their star features, there’s never one way to measure their performance. Buffer tends to be better as a simple tool that many see as easier to use, whilst Hootsuite’s range of platform compatibility makes it more of a go-to for social media fanatics.

These are just two of many tools out there that can help you maintain a great social media strategy and make sure you’re being seen 24/7.

Content? Sorted!

Both Buffer and Hootsuite are available for free online at and and their apps are also available on the App Store and Google Play.

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