Update: Where have I been? Future plans and real work

Hi all! First of all, sorry for the disappearing act… explanation below.

I’ve moved back home to London, and in mid July I begun the placement year of my Digital Marketing course. This is an extra year between the second and third (final year) of your course where you complete a year in your chosen industry.

My position is as Digital and Online Marketing Assistant, which as you can imagine is pretty perfect for me! I work with loads of other interns, and we play a large role within the company, there are about 20 of us in the marketing division alone.

First Impressions

Wow, there’s a lot of work to do…

I had a two week handover period with the previous intern who taught me the ins and outs of the job. It was strange imagining they were once you, and I often had to keep reminding myself not to panic at how much they know.

Real work

My responsibilities cover the website, managing the communication outlets between us and our dealers and end-users, helping to create and mirror existing campaigns, and general e-mail requests (and boy are there a lot of e-mails) from other divisions, sales reps, and managers within both the UK and in Europe.

Being an expert in your field is really nice and makes you an asset to the company, you can support other interns in certain things and they support you. There are things I’m learning how to do or use that I never would any other way, I’m broadening my skill set by adapting daily to different tasks. I also create content for our pages, some with over 2 million followers, sometimes I’m finding that learning to keep calm is a job in itself…

Work Environment

Despite it being far from where I live in London (with the upside being that I’m commuting OUT of the city rather than in), the offices are modern and pretty cool. Having other interns is great as well because you’re all in the same boat, and they can relate to a lot of your thoughts and feelings.

Current thoughts are that New Media Mind will start seeing more industry related content alongside our usual literature, I’m excited to share all the growing knowledge and hope you’re all just as excited to read it!

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